Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Shakers - International Pop Overthrow Liverpool - Cavern Pub.

The Shakers
The Shakers are one of the resident bands in the Cavern Club and can be found in there most weekends pounding out classic Mersey Beat tunes for their appreciative audience. Tonight, however, their set was mostly made up of their own songs from their new LP Whole Lotta Shakers.  Mind you if you were played any of the songs blind and told they were obscure 60s beat singles you would believe it. The band capture the very essence of the driving beat and bass of the early rhythm and blues groups of the area, then mix in a couple of jangly rock and roll guitars and some seriously strong harmonies to cook up songs that sound like they have travelled through time to the modern day.

Highlights included the surf tinged "Draggin' Me Down" and the hook laden "Here She Comes Again." Their cover of "Love of the Loved" should get an honourable mention too! Their set was brilliant way to start for me to start this event, it's set me up for the rest of the week!

They play again on Friday on the back stage of the Cavern Club at 7.15pm.

The LP is definitely worth checking out. It's available as a download for all the modern cats, and on vinyl for the hep cats! (And a review will appear here eventually, it's on the list of things I really need to write about but never seem to get the time)

The Shakers
Links -
The Shakers on Facebook
Buy A Whole Lotta Shakers on vinyl.
Download it from iTunes
Download it from Amazon

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