Monday, 23 March 2015

HRH Prog Photos

Here's the link to my full photoset on flickr

Saturday at HRH Prog 3

The day started with a leisurely stroll to the beach and a bit of a ramble around the headline before another visit to the sci-fi weekender stalls popping back in time to catch some of Steeleye Span's short accoustic set in the side bar.

Then I decided to nip back to the flat for a little rest before we ate and took on the final night.

We got back to see most of JUMP's set, very enjoyable. They were followed by Magenta. I love that there are so many women in prog bands, loads of bands over the weekend had female members all of whom were extremely talented.

Steeleye Span had everyone singing along to All Around My Hat and the dedicated their last song, Thomas The Rhymer, to Terry Pratchett.  I loved the set very much.

The evening and indeed the event, was brought to a close by Rick Wakeman's one man show. He told stories and played the piano and was generally as brilliant as ever.

And then it was all over. Great weekend, really hope to be able tp do it all again next year.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Friday at HRH Prog 3

We wandered off to the sci fi convention bit of the site in the morning for a look around and a bit of geeky shopping spree.

I will try and post lengthier comments when I get back to the land of a decent signal but in brief - Touchstone were amazing - a lot of love in the room for those guys. The Enid blew everyone's mind. And they had timpani, a gong and other items of groovy percussiveness! Mostly Autumn finished off the night with an altered set due to their  drummer having a suspected broken hand in an incident that occured while setting up. He soldiered on bravely playing with just his left hand.

When the prog bit finished we nipped back to the sci fi bit for their finale - a band called Darth Elvis and the Imperials, sadly they were no match for all we had seen before so we ditched that and headed back for the night.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Thursday at HRH Prog 3

Things had begun when we arrived but once we were settled in it was off to find the main room in time to grab a bit of food and see most of Knifeworld's set. They were bonkers. I think there was eight of them. The layers of sound were almost overwhelming and I will have to look into them a little bit more.

Rounding off night one was a Lithuanian band called The Skys. They were loud (in a good way) and their keyboard player rocked out in an almost trancelike state, she was mesmerising.

Then it was back to our little flat type accomdation to prepare for day two.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

HRH Prog 3 Begins Tomorrow

This is really a bit of a test to try out blogging from my phone.

HRH Prog 3 begins tomorrow and if there's a reasonable signal I should be able to post updates from the event.

Now, please note - any pics in posts sent from the event will have been taken on my phone so they won't always be that good. Also I really dont know how much time or signal I will have for updating.

I will probably also post pics to my instagram account. My user name is booweb if you want to take a look.

There will be proper pictures and hopefully a proper write up after the event.

Fingers crossed this works.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Friday, 13 March 2015

Current line up of gigs for 2015. (edited)

I finally kick off my concert going year next weekend with a trip to HRH Prog 3.

My 2015 gig calender is growing slowly.

After HRH Prog there's The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band in London April 17th followed in May by the International Pop Overthrow Liverpool event and Chas and Dave.

In June I get to enjoy my Christmas present and see Elvis Costello in Liverpool. And I think I then have to fast forward to September for my birthday gifts to myself of tickets for King Crimson and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

I think that's it so far, but there's bound to be more.

ETA: Donovan! I keep forgetting Donovan in October.

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