Wednesday, 16 June 2010

IPO Liverpool - last post

I'm done with the IPO Liverpool posts now, it's safe to come back!

Just a few final bits and pieces.

Here's a flickr set of my photos from the event.
Here's a playlist of videos from the event (all bar two are courtesy of Stephen, many thanks for letting me use them!)

And big big love to David, Rina and my huge and ever increasing IPO Family!

See you all next year!


IPO Liverpool - Mini

Mini are another band that just bring the feel good factor with them.

I was thrilled with the number of people who stuck around to watch them on my recommendation and left with a CD and/or a smile on their face!

I also adore the fact there's lots of Mini/Honeybug love at the event with each band supporting the other.

Here's Since Yesterday from their Must Try Harder EP. This song contains one of my favourite lyrics ever - "And you can me just how you feel, over Discos and a Wagon Wheel" - sheer class!
(and sorry you have to put up with this one being filmed by me)

and this was swiftly followed by a cover of Jet

I would have filmed the version of Crazy Horses but I was too busy enjoying myself singing along.

Official Mini Site
Mini on Facebook
Mini on Myspace
Mini on Twitter


IPO Liverpool - Honeybug

I love Honeybug! Seriously, they are among my favourite people in the entire universe!
They also make beautiful sounds that just make me feel happy.

This year it was a stripped down version of the band that came to Liverpool. I got to spend lots of lovely time with them as well seeing them play.

Here's one of my favourite of their songs - Anything For You.

And as a bonus here's Stormcloud.

Honeybug on Myspace
(if you scroll down there's a paypal link to buy the Naked Songs Vol 1 CD)
Honeybug on Twitter


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

IPO Liverpool - Dave Rave

An evening that involves Dave Rave is always going to be a good one. Dave's energy seems to know no bounds and by the end of the night most of the audience has been on the stage. (One year even I ended up on stage with him! Eeek!)

Here's a video of Dave Rave with guitarist Mark Foley (and Simon Nelson from The Plastic Heroes on bass) performing Love and Mercy, featuring guest vocals by The Beeb from Minty And The Beeb's blog.

Oh and of course there was a performance of Anne-Marie writing by Dave and Simon. Yay!! (It's the opening track on Dave's new CD - Live With What You Know.)

Official Site
Dave Rave on Myspace
Dave Rave Facebook Group

Dave Rave on


IPO Liverpool - Ralph

The Bongo Beat Night is a highlight of IPO Liverpool, and once again I say that with complete bias as over the last few years record company boss Ralph Alfonso has become a very good friend. One of my photos is used on the back of his latest EP (the front cover shot is taken by Stephen who has also filmed all the videos I have used so far in these IPO blogs)

This is one of my favourite songs by Ralph. It's about the pirate radio DJs of the 60s.

Bongo Beat Records Site
Ralph on Myspace
Bongo Beat Records on Myspace
Bongo Beat Facebook Page

Ralph on


Monday, 14 June 2010

IPO Liverpool - Jeremy and Susan Hedges

Jeremy is another stalwart of the International Pop Overthrow Scene. And this year he seemed to crop up everywhere as he covered empty slots in the schedule. This video is from the last day of IPO Liverpool when he was joined on staged by another regular IPO Liverpool act Susan Hedges.

Jeremy on Myspace
JAM Records Website

Susan Hedges official site
Susan Hedges on Myspace


IPO Liverpool - Kelly's Heels

I realise that most of my IPO posts have a heavy biased towards to my friends, and this one is no different. I adore the Kelly's Heels (and Bruise) people. They are people I look forward to seeing every year.

Bob and his amazing footwear are part and parcel of IPO Liverpool, if it's the end of May, it must be time to see Kelly's Heels.

Official Site
Kelly's Heels on Myspace
Kelly's Heels on Facebook

Kelly's Heels on


Sunday, 13 June 2010

IPO Liverpool - The Mayflowers

The Mayflowers travel to International Pop Overthrow Liverpool from Japan and perform with such infectious enthusiasm. This year they could also be found busking on Church Street in between gigs.

They were slotted into an extra performance in The Cavern Pub on the Friday, which gave us an opportunity to catch the set which included a few cover versions. Here's their version of Pretty Woman.

Official Site
The Mayflowers of Myspace


Friday, 11 June 2010

IPO Liverpool - Bruise

I love Bruise. Not just because they are lovely people and friends of mine, but because the music is great and they are super talented people.

I don't know the strange noise making machine is actually called they brought with them this year, but I think I want one!

There's a new album on it's way and I can hardly wait to hear it.

I only got to see one Bruise set this year, but it was wonderful as always.

And a bonus one from the forthcoming new album -

Bruise on Myspace


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Free Iron Maiden Download

Iron Maiden are offering a free download of the track El Dorado on their official website here.


IPO Liverpool - Richard Snow and The Inlaws.

One of the drawbacks of several years as the merch girl at IPO was that I rarely got to see the acts and even then it was only ever a song at a time. Then when you are free to wander around at leisure the nature of the event is that there's always something to see so acts clash...this means that it's taken quite some time to see a full IPO set from Richard Snow and The Inlaws, which is a shame as I loved the Cavern Pub performance on the Thursday this year (a clash meant missing the Cavern Club one later that evening.) Roll on next year and another great set!

Here's Hard To Be Happy -

Official Site

Richard Snow CDs and Downloads on

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