Monday, 19 May 2014

Sons of Jet - International Pop Overthrow - Cavern Pub and Club (Front)

Sons of JetI'd been waiting to see these chaps ever since James has dropped me a line to say they would playing at the event this year, and even more so after hearing the single (which they were giving away free at the gigs)

They did not disappoint. The songs are all immediately catchy with strong, distinctive vocals and a superb guitar sound reminiscent of early 60s instrumental groups.
Sons of Jet
I already love the tracks on the single and I hope the other songs they performed become available soon.

For me the highlights were We Cut Our Hair (dedicated to Stu Sutcliffe and the early Beatles Hamburg days), Broken Record (from the single) and the rather nifty cover of When Will I Be Loved featuring my good friend and IPO buddy Brian Barry (of Minty and The Beeb blog fame) on harmonica.

The Pub set was so entertaining that I didn't leave afterwards as planned, I popped across the road to the Club to catch the second set and enjoy it all over again!


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