Thursday, 21 May 2015

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tuesday at International Pop Overthrow Liverpool 2015

In case you are wondering where Monday is, I didn't go to anything that day. 

Tuesday is the last hurrah of IPO Liverpool and the end of the festival as usual heralds the arrival of Mr Dave Rave. There's no time to miss those who have left at the weekend when the Raver train pulls into town. Anyway, more about him later.


First stop of the evening was the Cavern Back to see Dave Lloyd (of The Suns) and Lauren Daly. The set was mostly 70s easy listening covers with a couple of Suns tracks thrown in too. Crisp, clean guitar sounds and a laid back atmosphere, what more could you want from a Tuesday evening?

At the end of the Lloyd and Daly set it was a short dash across to the Cavern Pub where Dave Rave and co had gone on early. This year Dave was joined by a young singer named Hailee Rose, who has a fabulous voice, showcased in the final song which was a cover of Come Together by The Beatles. (There's video to come, stay tuned)

And then, alas, it was the end of my IPO shenanigans for this year.

Still to come
- a list of proper links and stuff for my favourite artists at the 2015 event. 
- the couple of videos (once I get them all uploaded) 
- and maybe something else. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Sunday at International Pop Overthrow Liverpool 2015

Sunday has probably been my favourite day so far. What can I say, it involved a theremin!

IMG_20150517_204311Blake Jones and the Trike Shop returned to IPO Liverpool resplendent with said instrument. Their line up also involved a flautist.
 A set full of fab tunes was rounded off with a Theremin version of Goldfinger and the song Ross Used To Play Us His Frank Zappa Records which is kind of epic.

I edged forward down one side of the Cavern to grab footage of the theremin on my phone.

It was then time to pop across to the Cavern Pub where I planned to catch the band before Honeybug as I had seen a video of them from the night before.


Las Annettes are from Spain and specialise in catchy, 60s style pop ditties delivered with adorable dance routines. Most of their songs are in Spanish, I videoed one of two that were in English, and all of them sound like they should be well known classics. They were so much fun to watch, and Andy the sound man loved them.

I rounded off my Sunday with the second Honeybug set of the event.

IMG_20150517_203014I think by now everyone knows how bias I am about any incarnation of this band. I have known Ni since the first or second year the band played at IPO, back in the days when I worked on the merch stall. Another cracking set, possibly the slightly better of the two this year. I overheard some nice things from people stood around me, and  when they were done one chap even asked me if they would be playing anywhere that day. Sadly however once done it was time for them to head home.

Sunday at IPO is full of goodbyes. Minty and the Beeb left after the Honeybug set too. And several others. Of course some folks are still about like Helen and Mark from Fun Of The Pier, and Dave Rave has arrived and a few others are still to come for the final day tomorrow. I think one of my favourite things about the IPO event is that over the years I have met so many fabulous people because of it and forged good friendships along the way.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday at International Pop Overthrow Liverpool 2015

A light day today, I only saw two bands.

First up was The Dreamboats and they were fabulous. They captured the very essence of early US style rock and roll, before it was filtered to be radio or TV friendly. They did two covers in the set, Hippy Hippy Shake and Johnny B Goode and  their own songs sat seamlessly beside them. I don't how the audience weren't ripping out seats! After they were done I felt like I needed a lie down such was the energy and enthusiasm from the stage.


Here's one of their own numbers.

After a quick refreshment break it was down to the Cavern Pub for Kontiki Suite. I enjoyed their easy going set. There was a country rock feel with a hint of Stills and Young.


They have played at IPO before but I don't think I'd ever ever seen them till now. I think I will be investigating the forthcoming new CD.

Links to artists pages to come, please call back soon to check them out.

Friday at International Pop Overthrow Liverpool

This is going to be brief as I have a day of even more shenanigans ahead.

The day started off quite mellow with a dash up the road from work to catch Fun Of The Pier. I'd never seen them on the back stage of the Cavern so it made a change from trying to tune out all the chatter in the background at the other stages. Loved the sounds from the baby bass especially on the new song they performed. For the end of their set they were joined by Dave Lloyd on guitar, which made up a little bit for me not getting to see his set on Wednesday.
I love Fun Of The Pier, they make me happy, look them up and check them out.

After work in was back down to the Cavern for the evening. One Two DIE Four were on stage when I got there.

They were really good and a little reminiscent of the Killers. Great stage presence and catchy tunes that had me hanging around keeping an eye out for their CDs arriving at the merch table.

Also on the bill last night -

Guy Jones

And then it was time for my personal highlight - Honeybug.
After an enforced absence from last event it was jolly nice to have Ni back at the Cavern, and he brought Ramage with him who was in a couple of previous incarnations of the band. In fact the band was made up of members of Ramage's band so the sound was, well, a tad louder than most people were expecting.  I have seen about half a dozen variations of Honeybug over the years at IPO  and every one of them is my favourite!

With that I had to call it a night and dash off for a taxi. Great day, here's to another one today!

Click here for the flickr photo set for the whole event. 
I will be adding band links later when I have a little more time - please do check back.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Well the first few days of International Pop Overthrow Liverpool haven't turned out as expected due to illness on my part. I did manage to catch Alice from Alice and The Lovers at the Cavern Pub on Tuesday but so far that's been my lot!
Hopefully I can jump stat my participation in the festival from tomorrow.

In the meantime here's some photos of Alice from Tuesday evening -

IMG_20150512_205507 IMG_20150512_205529 IMG_20150512_205419 IMG_20150512_210000

And you really should check in at Minty and The Beeb Go Gigging as they are blogging the event as they go along.

More soon!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

It's Nearly That Time Of Year Again! Here Comes The International Pop Overthrow

It's nearly time for the 2015 International Pop Overthrow Liverpool event! Running from the 12th to 19th May this is the 13th year the event has been held in the city. The schedules are jam-packed with bands from everywhere, all handpicked by organiser David Bash.

The schedules can be found on the official IPO website by clicking here.
And you can get some background on the artists on the site too - click here for the direct link.

I am a bit limited on how much of the event I can attend this year, but will attempt to post here as I go along, dependent on coverage and all that.

For more regular updates from the event checkout the official International Pop Overthrow facebook page.

And as ever Minty and the Beeb will be blogging the whole darn thing on their Go Gigging blog!
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