Sunday, 30 November 2014

Not Sorry

Will no apologies what-so-ever I will be posting Christmas songs throughout December - maybe not everyday, depends how it goes.

If it's not your bag look away until the festive season is over. (Although, there should be three more gig reviews before year end too.)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Asia - 29th October 2014 - RNCM Manchester

Venue - Royal Northern College of Music
Gig Buddy - Emma
Gig Booty - A pre-signed photo.

First of all I'd like to say how much I love this venue. It has an
intimate feel, comfortable seats and even a cafe for pre-gig food. (In fact Geoff Downes was chatting to some friends on the table next to ours in the cafe before the gig and my gig buddy didn't notice.)

There was no support band and Asia took to the stage around about 8 o'clock launching directly into Sole Survivor. The set, which included a short intermission of about 15 minutes, was liberally peppered with hits as well as a few more recent tracks from the new album Gravitas and from the previous album XXX which held their own amongst the classics.

Stage chat was amiable and minimal leaving the songs to do the talking.  New boy Sam Coulson aquitted himself very well with only one small mention of his youthfulness.

It was all over by about 10.15 and we all disappeared off into the night to make our way home feeling fully musically sated.

The full set of my photographs from the evening can be found here. 

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