Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Fierce And The Dead – video and tour details

This is the video for 666...6 by The Fierce and The Dead

The band are on tour this month with Knifeworld and Trojan Horse – details below.
Visit the tour website here.

CD Review - The Popdogs - Cool Cats For Pop Dogs


This CD should come with a warning sticker, the consistent string of hooks and powerpop stylings could easily overwhelm an amateur listener. Thankfully after a decade of attending International Pop Overthrow Liverpool I am able to listen to it in one sitting and come out the other side a little breathless but relatively unscathed. You really do have little time to catch your breath before being plunged into another aural adventure.

Any of the ten tracks could be held up as an example of how to craft a 3 minute pop song that, although brand new to the listener, already feels like an old friend. The Popdogs blend hints of classic REM with the ringing guitar sounds often found in 60s instrumentals for example the guitar on Wake You Baby wouldn’t be out of place on a Tornadoes track. The instrumental track Mild Mannered J is very Joe Meek in style, with a liberal smattering of Dick Dale and sounds like some lost classic that you find cropping up on Tarantino movie soundtracks.

Play it on the way to work on a rainy Monday to make it feel like a Friday afternoon in summertime.


The Popdogs on Facebook

The Popdogs on Reverbnation

The Popdogs on MySpace

Minty & The Beeb’s Spin It Or Bin It review of the CD

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Coming soon?

I have a small pile of CDs to listen to properly, and a few other posts planned as well. The hard bit at the moment seems to be finding the time to be able to get things done.

Stay tuned though!

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