Friday, 20 November 2015

A Visit From The Buzzcocks

In work today we were visited by members of The Buzzcocks so I grabbed a quick picture with Steve Diggle.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Nik Kershaw and Go West with Carol Decker - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 15th November 2015

I realise that quite a lot of my gigs tend to be proggy or rock, but I do like my pop music too. If you took a trip back in time and asked 13/14-year-old me what would be the best gig line up I may have replied with this one. Honestly, I poured over articles in Smash Hits, avidly watched them all on Saturday morning TV shows and Top of the Pops etc...

Anyway...I went to this gig with Emma who was rather excited at the prospect of seeing Nik Kershaw, more than I expected to be honest. I do love going to gigs with Emma, she really gets into them and dances away.

The show opened with Carol Decker who was a bit of a hero of mine when I was younger. I kind of wanted to be her when I grew up, she just seemed so rock and roll to my teenage self. She still sounds amazing and belted out the hits, filling the hall with sound. There were two new songs too which will lead me to investigate the new album as soon as I find a few minutes to do so. I barely had time to recover from hearing some of my favourite T'Pau tracks (Sex Talk! Yay!) before Go West and Nik Kershaw appeared on stage to round off the first part of the evening, returning after a short interval to entertain us a whole lot more! 

The set was a whole load of hits, with a smattering of covers. As Emma commented afterwards, you really do forget how many hits they clocked up between them. There was a lot of dancing going on too. It was a brilliant night! Thirty years seems sounds like a long time ago but it feels a lot less than that since I was singing into my hairbrush to these tunes and cutting pictures out of magazines to stick in my scrapbook. 

Highlights - 
 - Carol Decker and her magnificent coat
 - Finally getting to see Go West
 - Don Quixote.
 - Richard Drummie! 
 - Emma's face when Go West sang her favourite Nik Kershaw song.
 - Emma realising that Nik was the perfect sized pop star for her
 - The One And Only!
 - Okay....let's face it, the whole show was one big highlight. I couldn't even be annoyed by audience chatter and people checking facebook because I was having such a brilliant time!

Full collection of photos HERE.

Donovan - RNCM 17th October 2015

It had been a while since I'd been to see Donovan, and somehow the 50th Anniversary tour seemed to be the right time to go and see him again.

Sat cross-legged on a small stage with Kelly, his guitar, Donovan took us all on a trip back through his career. The first half included some more obscure early stuff, but he assured everyone that they were never more than a song or two away from something that they would know.

Purely acoustic until the final number, the set list was full of delights interspersed with tales from the past, all told with fondness and amusement at his own antics.

The show ended with Mellow Yellow, but instead of playing the song on the guitar the single was piped through the sound system while he sang along. There was a meet and greet afterwards, which gig buddy Alix stayed for, but I chose to skip out and head home.

Rick Wakeman - Lancaster Priory 16th October 2015

I have fallen a little behind with things, the next couple of posts are a bit of a catch-up.

In October, I went off to see Rick Wakeman with my gig buddy Phil. The concert was in Lancaster Priory and was the first of what they hope will be several Prog at the Priory gigs.

Gordon Giltrap was the warm-up for the main show. I'd never seen him before, I loved his set and sense of humour.

The Wakeman section of the evening was  a bit different to usual. Most of the regular favourites were there, including the Nursery Rhyme Concerto (I think this was only the second time I have heard it live), but due to the Priory Choir being part of the show we got a bit more 1984 stuff. The soloist also featured on Amazing Grace and The Meeting.

Lovely setting, fine show and Rick got his hands on the church organ for Jane Seymour, excellent stuff.

Gordon Giltrap
Rick Wakeman
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