Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Music meme thing

So, over on LiveJournal there's a music meme going around where you are given a letter and you select five songs you like beginning with said letter.

I was given a couple of letters and thought I re-post the whole thing here (sorry for the length)

Maddy gave me P

Paintball's Coming Home - Half Man Half Biscuit
An excellent satire on sad middle-class couples who think the pinnacle of social climbing is getting a conservatory. Unfortunately I am aware of several people who really do have "nothing but total respect for Annie Lennox" and indeed "if I'd have known they were coming I'd have slashed my wrists"

Photograph - Ringo Starr
This is a song penned by George Harrison, and now so strongly associated with him in my mind, particularly after Ringo performed it at the concert for George. "All all I have is a photograph and I realise you're not coming back..." *sniffle*
Also - fabulous production and arrangements on the original version.

Pick A Part That's New - Stereophonics
The video is a homage to The Italian Job and it's a song you can bounce up and down to, love it!

Picture Book - The Kinks
I love the Village Green Preservation Society album. It's pretty much perfect. There's a fine display of bass player from Mr Peter Quaife on this track (though for an amazing bit of bassage check out Wicked Annabella, also on the album! Awesome!)

Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan features heavily on the soundtrack of my life. This song is a constant. I have encountered far too many people who are "positively 4th street" on my journey. I can't even pick out a lyric right now as the whole song echoes round my psyche, howling at darkness to express itself.

Zoe gave me an A

Absolute Beginners - David Bowie
"I've nothing much to offer, there's nothing much to take..." Rubbish film, but an amazing title song.
"As long as you're still smiling there's nothing more I need. I absolutely love you..." One of my favourite Bowie songs.

Adventures In Modern Recording - The Buggles
Title track of the second Buggles CD, made just after Trevor and Geoff's stint with Yes, and it shows. (This is a good thing, by the way!)
Satirical piece on the manufactured side of pop hype and recording techniques that mean the artist isn't really required to play. Oh the irony!
Trevor Horn is a minor deity in my pantheon of musical gods however.

America - The Nice
I have adored this from the first time I ever heard, before I knew what psychedelia and prog was, and certainly before I was fully aware of Keith Emerson's existance. I like it when I discover I've unknowingly always been into something I've just got into.

Anne-Marie - Dave Rave with Plastic Heroes
I can't not include this delightful piece of powerpop can I? After all I am the Anne-Marie of the title, this is actually my song. People have sung out "Hey Anne-Marie" on the street to me during the UK International Pop Overthrow Festival. I'm so proud of this song. It's catchy and cool and the opening track on Dave's latest album!

Another Bubble - Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
Stephen introduced me to the music of Robyn Hitchcock, and I'm so glad he did, and that we can still share Robyn gigs together. This probably isn't the kind of thing that would normally spring to mind with Robyn's stuff, but I like the simplicity.

And also Zoe joked she was going to give me a Z - hehe! Okay then! (oh please don't tell me you're surprised I can conjure up five songs that begin with Z!)

Zoo Gang - Wings
I liked this track before I discovered it was a TV theme. I do like Paul's instrumental pieces and this has a cool reggae-esque vibe to it, but includes some continental sounding bits creating interesting juxtapositions.

Zombie Apocalypse - Kirby Krackle
A song about Zombies played on a ukulele - how can you go wrong? Look it up, give it a listen. Kirby Krackle are a fine example of nerd rock - amusing ditties abouts comic book heroes, computer games and zombies!

Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
I was going to opt for the Moog Cookbook version of this but after Absolute Beginners I was in a bit of Bowie mood.
Rick Wakeman was asked to be a Spider by the way, but he joined Yes instead.

Zabadak - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
"Look for meaning, not in words but in the way you're feeling..." Not my favourite Dozies song, but I do love it, especially as everyone goes on about the nonsense bit of the lyrics, thus completely missing the point. Oooh awesome percussion too! Yay!

Z-Cars Theme - arranged by Fritz Spiegl and performed by John Keating and his Orchestra
Z Cars was a far grittier series than most people would imagine, and definitely groundbreaking, but I think we all know that's not why I've picked it as a piece of music! It's it time for the new footie season to kick off yet?
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