Monday, 22 November 2010

Steve Winwood Liverpool O2 Academy

I admit by Friday I was flagging but I really was flagging, but I also really wanted to see Steve Winwood! Sadly the venue isn't really designed for short-arses like myself. I had no inclination to shove my way to the frint so found a reasonable spec at the back and enjoyed the first couple of songs before I chap decided to move forward and stand directly in front of me!  I swear it was deliberate!

Not being able to see very much at all after that, we retreated to the balcony bar where the view was just as restricted, but at least the bar was accessible and we could plonk ourselves down on the floor at the side of the room and simply enjoy the music.

Due to being worn out and having a few more pints than on previous nights this turned out to be the least memorable of the three gigs that week, but I had got to see Stevie Winwood live in the flesh, albeit briefly, and that was good enough for me!

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