Monday, 22 November 2010

Robert Plant Liverpool Olympia

After a day to recover from what so far has been my favourite Yes related experience, it was time to worship at the altar of Robert Plant. I've seen him several times before and he's never been one to disappoint. This concert was no exception.
The venue was lovely with pink walls and ornate elephants, if a little chilly up on the lower balcony. The view was great though, as was the sound. There was plenty in the set from the new Band Of Joy CD which I love!
The other band members all got a go in the spotlight with Robert stepping back to play harmonica or sing backing vocals, clearly having a fantastic time on stage.
Highlights were Angel Dance (from the new album), Tall Cool One and Gallows Pole, with Rock And Roll an obvious crowd pleaser.

I have to say that I doubt a washboard has ever seemed so rock!

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