Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tuesday at International Pop Overthrow Liverpool 2015

In case you are wondering where Monday is, I didn't go to anything that day. 

Tuesday is the last hurrah of IPO Liverpool and the end of the festival as usual heralds the arrival of Mr Dave Rave. There's no time to miss those who have left at the weekend when the Raver train pulls into town. Anyway, more about him later.


First stop of the evening was the Cavern Back to see Dave Lloyd (of The Suns) and Lauren Daly. The set was mostly 70s easy listening covers with a couple of Suns tracks thrown in too. Crisp, clean guitar sounds and a laid back atmosphere, what more could you want from a Tuesday evening?

At the end of the Lloyd and Daly set it was a short dash across to the Cavern Pub where Dave Rave and co had gone on early. This year Dave was joined by a young singer named Hailee Rose, who has a fabulous voice, showcased in the final song which was a cover of Come Together by The Beatles. (There's video to come, stay tuned)

And then, alas, it was the end of my IPO shenanigans for this year.

Still to come
- a list of proper links and stuff for my favourite artists at the 2015 event. 
- the couple of videos (once I get them all uploaded) 
- and maybe something else. 

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