Saturday, 16 May 2015

Friday at International Pop Overthrow Liverpool

This is going to be brief as I have a day of even more shenanigans ahead.

The day started off quite mellow with a dash up the road from work to catch Fun Of The Pier. I'd never seen them on the back stage of the Cavern so it made a change from trying to tune out all the chatter in the background at the other stages. Loved the sounds from the baby bass especially on the new song they performed. For the end of their set they were joined by Dave Lloyd on guitar, which made up a little bit for me not getting to see his set on Wednesday.
I love Fun Of The Pier, they make me happy, look them up and check them out.

After work in was back down to the Cavern for the evening. One Two DIE Four were on stage when I got there.

They were really good and a little reminiscent of the Killers. Great stage presence and catchy tunes that had me hanging around keeping an eye out for their CDs arriving at the merch table.

Also on the bill last night -

Guy Jones

And then it was time for my personal highlight - Honeybug.
After an enforced absence from last event it was jolly nice to have Ni back at the Cavern, and he brought Ramage with him who was in a couple of previous incarnations of the band. In fact the band was made up of members of Ramage's band so the sound was, well, a tad louder than most people were expecting.  I have seen about half a dozen variations of Honeybug over the years at IPO  and every one of them is my favourite!

With that I had to call it a night and dash off for a taxi. Great day, here's to another one today!

Click here for the flickr photo set for the whole event. 
I will be adding band links later when I have a little more time - please do check back.

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