Monday, 23 March 2015

Saturday at HRH Prog 3

The day started with a leisurely stroll to the beach and a bit of a ramble around the headline before another visit to the sci-fi weekender stalls popping back in time to catch some of Steeleye Span's short accoustic set in the side bar.

Then I decided to nip back to the flat for a little rest before we ate and took on the final night.

We got back to see most of JUMP's set, very enjoyable. They were followed by Magenta. I love that there are so many women in prog bands, loads of bands over the weekend had female members all of whom were extremely talented.

Steeleye Span had everyone singing along to All Around My Hat and the dedicated their last song, Thomas The Rhymer, to Terry Pratchett.  I loved the set very much.

The evening and indeed the event, was brought to a close by Rick Wakeman's one man show. He told stories and played the piano and was generally as brilliant as ever.

And then it was all over. Great weekend, really hope to be able tp do it all again next year.

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