Saturday, 21 March 2015

Friday at HRH Prog 3

We wandered off to the sci fi convention bit of the site in the morning for a look around and a bit of geeky shopping spree.

I will try and post lengthier comments when I get back to the land of a decent signal but in brief - Touchstone were amazing - a lot of love in the room for those guys. The Enid blew everyone's mind. And they had timpani, a gong and other items of groovy percussiveness! Mostly Autumn finished off the night with an altered set due to their  drummer having a suspected broken hand in an incident that occured while setting up. He soldiered on bravely playing with just his left hand.

When the prog bit finished we nipped back to the sci fi bit for their finale - a band called Darth Elvis and the Imperials, sadly they were no match for all we had seen before so we ditched that and headed back for the night.

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