Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fun Of The Pier - International Pop Overthrow - Cavern Pub

Fun Of The PierI was very sad when I thought I was going to miss seeing Helen and Mark at this year's event, but in the end Stephen popped into work for an hour on the Friday afternoon so I could run up the road and catch their first set.

Helen said the first song "Inconsiderate" was for me. I'm sure sure that sounds a bit iffy to anyone who doesn't know the song. but it is a tune for all of us who hate the type of people who go to gigs and then gab to their mates throughout, thus spoiling it for those of us who have handed over our hard earned dosh to actually hear the band. It's one of my favourite songs.  As you will tell from the video below, sadly the Cavern Pub is a venue that suffers from audience noise. The event is (mostly) free and lot of pub regulars aren't really interested in the acts on the stage.

It was a set full of old favourites, soon to be favourites and a cover of a Frank Turner song, (I think I shall investigate him a little further when time allows) all beautifully delivered by Helen and Mark. It made for a nice little break from the hubbub of a busy day in work.
  Fun Of The PierFun Of The Pier


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