Saturday, 8 February 2014

Video - Richie Havens Freedom (Live at Woodstock)

At the risk of being a name dropper, Richie Havens remains one of the most wonderful people I have met. The man was warm, funny and gracious and sat and chatted to this wide-eyed music fan who still can't quite believe she was greeted like an old friend by the guy who opened Woodstock.

Woodstock (the film) is very much a father/daughter thing for me. In the days of VHS I remember trying to stay awake to cut out enough adverts from a TV showing so it would fit on the tape. I think the plan was that about three or four commercial breaks would cover it, but I'm pretty sure we stayed up and watched the whole thing together rather than viewing the tape the next day, and we talked about all the acts and what was going on at the time. Anyway, Richie Havens and his splintering guitar made an impact the first time I saw the film so meeting him was an honour.

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