Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Osmond Brothers–Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 10th April 2012

123_Antonio_GrungeI try not to go into gigs with any expectations but for this concert I expected a thoroughly professional show. This was from experience, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Sadly we were short one brother for the show as Wayne had a stroke before the tour began and the doctors wouldn’t let him fly over. Even with a man down the show must go on and the delivered song after song of classics with a few tracks for their new CD thrown in for good measure.162_Sophia_Pint
The second they hit the stage the first few rows moved forward. I moved to let others on my row past to get to the stage but I was quite happy where I was especially 145-1_Sophia_Kryptonite_Grungeas I had a good view and plenty of room to dance.
I admit to singing along to everything but the new stuff. We won’t talk about how loudly I sang along to Long Haired Lover From Liverpool, but it does loom large in my music related legend. 223-1_Street_Hassel
The band have a media created image of simply being a schmaltzy boy band, so some more casual bystanders may have been surprised by how many songs were upbeat and more in the vein of Crazy Horses than Love Me For A Reason, there was even a rock drum solo from brother Jay.
These guys have been entertaining since birth, or at least that’s how it seems, and they are extremely good at what they do. This was their farewell tour as The Osmond Brothers, but I suspect there’s a bit more to come from the individual brothers.
Video playlist of five tracks from the night.

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