Sunday, 29 April 2012

McFly–Leeds March 17th 2012


I don’t mind admitting how much I like McFly. I’ve enjoyed watching them develop from the first catchy pop tunes through to the epic feel of the last album Above The Noise.

Despite buying the music I hadn’t seen the band in concert since around the time of their second album. It was mostly children in the audience back then, but that audience has grown up along side the band and they have obviously widened their appeal judging by the number of blokes in the audience.

The gig was fantastic. The band bantered amongst themselves with much teasing from Harry and Dougie over their recent reality TV successes. They know how to work their audience and delivered cracking performance after cracking performance covering their whole nine year career. The new songs they offered up showed that the new album is going to be highly anticipated by their fans. (So many already knew the words to the new songs!)

They have most certainly broken free of the stigma of “flavour of the month boy band” and by seizing control of their own careers have turned into a powerpop band to be reckoned with.


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