Wednesday, 16 June 2010

IPO Liverpool - Mini

Mini are another band that just bring the feel good factor with them.

I was thrilled with the number of people who stuck around to watch them on my recommendation and left with a CD and/or a smile on their face!

I also adore the fact there's lots of Mini/Honeybug love at the event with each band supporting the other.

Here's Since Yesterday from their Must Try Harder EP. This song contains one of my favourite lyrics ever - "And you can me just how you feel, over Discos and a Wagon Wheel" - sheer class!
(and sorry you have to put up with this one being filmed by me)

and this was swiftly followed by a cover of Jet

I would have filmed the version of Crazy Horses but I was too busy enjoying myself singing along.

Official Mini Site
Mini on Facebook
Mini on Myspace
Mini on Twitter


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