Tuesday, 15 June 2010

IPO Liverpool - Dave Rave

An evening that involves Dave Rave is always going to be a good one. Dave's energy seems to know no bounds and by the end of the night most of the audience has been on the stage. (One year even I ended up on stage with him! Eeek!)

Here's a video of Dave Rave with guitarist Mark Foley (and Simon Nelson from The Plastic Heroes on bass) performing Love and Mercy, featuring guest vocals by The Beeb from Minty And The Beeb's blog.

Oh and of course there was a performance of Anne-Marie writing by Dave and Simon. Yay!! (It's the opening track on Dave's new CD - Live With What You Know.)

Official Site
Dave Rave on Myspace
Dave Rave Facebook Group

Dave Rave on Amazon.co.uk


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