Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Support Shindig!

Some of you music lovers out there will probably already know all about Shindig Magazine, and some of you may have casually browsed and/or picked up a copy from the magazine stands encouraged by a cover promising coverage of a band that you thought only you knew about. The publication as always shone a light around the dusty corners of the groovy music scene and offered readers a passionate introduction, or re-introduction, to bands the mainstream media have forgotten or leave behind or can't be bothered about because they don't have Bono in them.

Recently there have been shenanigans with the publishing company which threatened the magazine known and loved by so many, the culmination of which has led to the publishers changing the name and ploughing ahead without (and right over) the editorial team. You can read the official statement from the Shindig Team by clicking here.

Thankfully the corporate bollocks hasn't dampened any enthusiasm and there is a rebirth of Shindig due any moment and everyone will get back to writing about music with their normal passion. And that's the nub of it, Shindig is always by the passionate for the passionate. I know that there has to be some business structure but it's really just all about spreading information, educating, expanding horizons. 

Visit the all-new sparkly Shindig Magazine Website and sign up to their mailing list for news of how to subscribe to the next regeneration of the magazine.
Get social at their facebook and twitter pages and listen to their podcasts on mixcloud


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