Sunday, 1 September 2013

Something New from McCartney

Rumours were afoot there was a new album coming from Paul McCartney, and then suddenly in the aftermath of Beatle Week a new song appeared, appropriately entitled "New"

Produced by Mark Ronson the track bounces along quite merrily, sounding a bit like a throwaway b-side from the early eighties. It's quite catchy, the harmonies are nice and it contains elements that many are describing as Beatle-esque. Personally I think it's more like Pet Sounds/Smile era Beach Boys in places than the Beatles and it lacks a killer middle-eight to enhance it's catchiness (something I don't feel I've heard since the days of Flaming Pie) but it's a jolly good tune and if the rest of the album follows these lines it will be worth a listen or two.

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