Sunday, 30 June 2013

Live Review - Van Der Graaf Generator, Manchester.

Van Der Graaf Generator - cropped
Date: 28th June 2013
Venue: RNCM, Manchester
Gig Buddy : Phil

A few years ago as I was embarking on my first adventures into prog I asked my friend Phil where I should start with VDGG and his initial response was to note that I really was serious about prog then. After that I became distracted by other prog bands old and new but would still revisit VDGG occasionally so when the opportunity arose (and the hotel bill for the Cheltenham trip came to a lot less than I thought it would) I handed over my hard earned cash to Phil for a ticket to see them live.

Not a penny of that ticket money was wasted. I really enjoyed the concert. The band looked so ordinary on the stage that you could have passed them on the street and not realised but the sound they made was extraordinary. Every note was well executed and every song perfectly structured.

The undoubted highlight was A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers which was welcomed warmly by the appreciative audience and applauded loudly when completely.

The show lasted just under 2 hours with no interval and the set list was eight songs long. However no song felt uncomfortably long and you really didn't notice the passage of time. What was strange was emerging from a gig and it still being light outside.

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