Saturday, 30 June 2012

CD Review–The Producers–Made In Basing Street


The power of social media first brought this project to my attention. The first track on the album, Freeway, was posted on Soundcloud and a link to it was posted on the Trevor Horn facebook page. As soon as I heard the track I couldn’t wait for the album to be released.

As you would expect the album is perfectly produced and mixed. Just as you are thinking that a track could with a little “something” right there….there it is!

The opening track is full of driving pop riffs and is instantly catchy. Some of the other tracks need a little time to grow but as far as I’m concerned there isn’t a dud amongst them.

For me, the highlights (apart from Freeway) are Every Single Night In Jamaica, which sounds like a lost Buggles song in places, Stay Elaine, a very catchy little acoustic tune, Garden of Flowers (see soundcloud link below), and Watching You Out There.

I already know that this album will soundtrack several bus journeys to work, particularly on grey Mondays when I need a little musical sunshine.

But wait – there’s more! I bought the deluxe version which comes with a second disc. Two of the five tracks don’t feature on the main CD, and the other three are extended/alternate versions. And if you stay tuned after the Extended version of Freeway there’s a “hidden” track in the form of a live version of them playing the backing track to the Frankie Goes The Hollywood hit, Two Tribes. It was worth getting the deluxe version for that bass riff alone. The version on the CD is fully plugged but here’s an acoustic rendition from youtube.

If you like well produced, well written, well played pop tunes you’ll get a kick out of this album.

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