Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Elvis Costello The Revolver Tour - 13th May 2012 Liverpool Empire.

The pre show music for this concert was lots of Booker T and the MGs, in tribute to Donald "Duck" Dunn who had just passed away.
The show opened with a blistering collection of tunes fired off one after the other, sadly it was the last of these when the sound finally settled in and stopped it from sounding like everyone was playing in an aircraft hanger.
From here on in the idea was that the show was technically in the lap of the gods, or at least the hands of the willing victims who took to the stage to spin the wheel of songs. However there was a wee bit of cheating, but when the cheating means you get Shipbuilding nobody really cares that much.
Perhaps this a good place to point out the odd juxtaposition of the showbiz glitz of the show with it's glamour girls and gogo cage with the seriousness of some of the songs presented on the night. Odd, but it worked.
Even with the wheel format there was always going to be a liberally smattering of hits. The set list was never going to disappoint.
Ian Prowse from the band Amsterdam took to the stage as Tiny Steps morphed into Ferry 'Cross The Mersey, and he was back for the grande finale of What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding.
The outstanding and abiding moment of the gig, however, was Tramp The Dirt Down, listened to in silence and followed by rapturous applause. An unsurprising reaction from a Liverpool audience.
I have come to expect a good performance at Elvis Costello gigs and I  wasn't  let down. Plus extra points are awarded for there being a theremin on stage!
With thanks to Stephen Bailey for the use of some of his photographs.

Tokyo Storm Warning

Pump It Up & What's So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding (with Ian Prowse)

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