Friday, 8 July 2011

Yes–Fly From Here


The latest offering from the latest line up of Yes is already firmly impressed on my brain. Admittedly this is because a version of the title track was realised as a bonus on the reissue CD of the second Buggles album Adventures In Modern Recording.

The first thing that strikes me is how nice is it to hear Benoit David putting his own voice to the songs. Not that he doesn’t do that to the other Yes songs played in concert, but comparisons will always be made so it’s good to hear “his” voice if you understand what I mean.

The whole album has a very “Drama” feel about it for obvious reasons, and David’s voice is certainly similar to Horn’s. Having made that comparison the album also has a fresh feel to it.

The five part Fly From Here suite (six if you count the overture) is unmistakably the highlight of the disc. A modern take on classical pieces with recurring themes and a fairly epic feel. It manages to be a lengthy piece that not only has the full and rich arrangements you expect from both Yes and Trevor Horn but also has moments so catchy that they live on in your head after you’ve finished listening.

The first track after the suite (The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be) seems fairly ordinary, possibly simply in comparison with what has gone before. In fact a lot of what follows, although still expertly executed, is eclipsed by the suite. Hour Of Need is quite catchy with a modern folky feel and Into The Storm rounds the album off very well indeed.

I’m looking forward to hearing whatever gets played of this album on the tour when I see it in November. It already feels familiar and that’s only after two complete plays. I’m fairly sure it will get a few more airings on the media player between now and the gig, and afterwards obviously.

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