Sunday, 13 March 2011

Best Quote Ever!

"Progressive is an attitude rather than a genre, isn't it?"

This quote is from Matt Stevens in his recent interview with Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine.

I love it.

I occasionally sit and ponder the various musical genres and still can't even begin to understand them properly. I like all kinds of music, and I'm not keen on being pigeon holed due to whichever type of music I appear to listen to the most.

I remember when I first joined and someone I know in real life added me there. They seemed concerned that whatever system they use to compare you to your friend meant our compatibility was low. Hardly, we had other things in common other than music and I like my friends to have diverse tastes. This is how I get introduced to and am able to explore different music.

In simple terms, I like what I like. If that skews your impression of me in someway, I'm afraid that's your problem. So yes - I will happily listen to a couple of hours worth of prog and follow it with cheesy pop, then a bit of classical music, maybe something with a jazz feel, perhaps a touch of Rolf Harris followed by some battle metal or traditional folk.

And Matt Stevens' music is in that mix too. I find his work a fabulous soundtrack for winding down at the end of the day or for working on the computer. You can find lots of his music by clicking here and you can pay what you want for it too.

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