Monday, 8 March 2010

Noisettes Gig

The Noisettes gig on Thursday was great.

I couldn't see a thing for most of the gig unfortunately, even going up to the balcony didn't improve my view, but that's my own fault for being short I guess! Despite not being able to see, I loved the gig. The band were great and the audience really appreciative (even if those girls with the big hair in front of me only knew the ones off the adverts!) There was a wardrobe malfunction of some kind which Shingai Shoniwa sang about off stage while it was sorted out. This was (I think) after the cover of Pure Imagination and before the cover of Chain Reaction. To be honest the latter cover was the only disappointment of the evening, as it was performed a little slower than the original which made it drag a little. The highlight, for me anyway, was the start of the encore as they performed Atticus which is one of my favourite songs by them.

Video of Cheap Tricks

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