Monday, 1 February 2010

Five Songs Meme

Nabbed from Where Worlds Collide

It’s quite simple – list five songs, preferably accompanied by a word or two explaining their significance. Not your five greatest songs of all time, but five songs you’re really into at the moment in time.

Lieutenant Kije (Troika) by Prokofiev - I realise it's mostly associated with Christmas but I love this piece of music and it's currently getting lots of play on the iPod. I enjoy lots of classical pieces to be honest which occasionally surprises people.

Here You Come Again by Dolly Parton - After catching the end of a documentary the other night I have been listening to a bit of Dolly and this one seems to stick in my head and start playing in there at random moments. You have to admit it is bloody catchy!

Naturally by Huey Lewis & The News - I have been revisiting my love for Huey Lewis & The News lately, and this is one of my favourite tracks by them. It's on the list of songs that make me smile and sometimes that's all you need a song to do.

Nobody Loves You Like I Do by Emerson Lake & Palmer - I like the lyrics first and foremost, particularly the first verse, and the way it builds into an anthem. It currently seems to find its way onto several playlists and even crops up with alarming regularly when I hit random!

The Last Thing On My Mind by Tom Paxton - My childhood was full of all kinds of music, particular stuff that my dad would play on his guitar for us which was mostly folk stuff. I know there is a vinyl copy of the album Ramblin' Boy in the house because I used to play it. I feel like I've always known this song and sinceI added it to the music library on the laptop and iPod it has had plenty of airplay.

So there you go - at the moment it's highly likely that I have heard one of these songs recently or that one is playing in my head at any given time.

To join this meme, choose your five songs, and list them on your blog, Livejournal, facebook, myspace or whatever.


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